The Varia VS3 Electric Grinder gen 2 utilises a sloped geometryfor zero retention conditions as well as a better workflow concerning adding coffee to the hopper, making grind adjustments.
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Product Type: Coffee Grinder
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Color: Matte Black
The Varia VS3 Coffee Grinder Gen 2 is a step up from the first generation.
  • Zero Retention Focus

  • Space grade CNC Machines Aluminium

  • Precision Step-less Grind Adjustments:

    10 micons pf burr shift per increment.
  • 2nd Generation Motor:

    Stainless Steel Gearbox
  • Updated Assembly for increased consistency:

    Single body outer burr
  • Small Footprint

  • New Varia VS3 Black Coffee Grinder Gen 2

  • Burr Size / Type:

    48mm conical 6 core (38mm inner diameter)
  • Base Material:

    High nitrogen 420 Stainless Steel
  • Burr Material Hardness:

  • Burr Life:

  • Maximum recommended continuous grind time: 60 seconds grind time, +90 seconds rest
  • Grind Setting:

    Stepless adjustment / (10 Micron) relative vertical burr shift or 0.01mm per increment
  • Retention (10g Dose):

    With RDT <0.1g / Without RDT: <0.2g
  • Grind Speed:

  • Dose Espresso #4 setting:

    34 seconds
  • Dose Filter #10 setting:

    25 seconds
  • Hopper Capacity:

  • Grinder Construction Material:

    ADC12 die cast and machined aluminium
  • Motor:

    New Type 100W DC motor / 170RPM Load speed - Full Stainless Steel Gearbox
  • Voltage:

  • Dimensions:

    147 x 90 x 310mm
  • Weight:

  • Local Delivery :

    Free, delivered within 48hours
  • Shipping in Alberta :

    Free, Shipped within 48hours
  • Shipping in Canada:

    Free, Shipped within 48hours
  • Shipping Outside of Canada :

    We can not ship this product outside of Canada

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