Bacon - Beef Brisket Bacon - 300g
Pioneer Butchery's Beef Brisket Bacon has all the crisp, delicious goodness of bacon with a rich beef flavour.  A must-try for beef lovers or anyone looking to add a little variety to their morning menu! Weight: 300gr  Sealed and Wrapped
Smoked Bacon - Dry Cured - 300g
Pioneer Butchery smoked, dry-cured bacon is thick, juicy and everything you are looking for. Dry-curing prevents excessive shrinkage when cooking and the result is beautifully crisp, delicious and consistent product. Weight : 300gr  Sealed and Wrapped
Smokies - Chili Cheese - Pack of 4: 500g
Taking the flavours of the timeless American classic “chilli cheese dog” and packing them into a smokie made with naturally raised l Albertan beef and pork.  Weight: 500 gr (4 per package) Sealed and Wrapped
Smokies - Bison Hot Dog - Pack of 4: 500g
Lean & spicy. Pioneer Bison Hot Dogs include a pepperoni style spice mix and are smoked to perfection. Weight : 500gr  Sealed and Wrapped
Smoked - Duck Breast - 170g
Brined for 24 hours and then gently smoked, creating a rich flavour that highlights the duck’s natural goodness. Perfect for a charcuterie platter or your dinner menu. Weight : 170gr  Sealed and Wrapped
Variety Pack - BBQ Discovery BOX - Family of 4.
Pioneer Butchery products are handcrafted in small batches. protein is sourced in Albertan Farms where no-antibiotics and no-hormones are used. BBQ Discovery Pack includes: 2 x Racks of Pioneer Smoked Ribs with Apple BBQ Sauce 2 x 600 - 700g...
Sausage - Italian - Pack of 4: 500g
Toss it in a soup, mix it into pasta, pop it on a pizza, throw it on a bun – Italian sausage goes with whatever you are craving. Oregano, Paprika, and Cayenne. Weight: 500gr  Sealed and Wrapped - Frozen
Chorizo - Wild Boar - Pack of 4: 500g
Pioneer's wild boar chorizo is a sweet and spicy fresh chorizo sausage, boasting all the flavours of classic chorizo..  Weight: 500gr  Sealed and Wrapped - Frozen
Sausage - Elk Cranberry - Pack of 4: 500g
Made locally using naturally raised Elk and all fresh ingredients. Elk meat is high in protein, low in fat, and jam-packed with tons of vitamins and minerals. Weight : 500gr  Sealed and Wrapped - Frozen
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