Two Wheel - Blend - 340g / 2lbs
Two Wheel is Rosso House blend specifically roasted for espresso; Two-Wheel is smooth, sweet and balanced. Perfect with Milk and Oat Milk. Rosso Coffee always display perfectly when drinking black. Tasting Notes:  Smooth, Balanced, Citrus, Honey Blend: 50/50 blend  Size:...
from $15.99
Chili Oil - Hot - 227g
This secret Canadian-family recipe offers the perfect mix of spices and oil with every satisfying spoonful. The chili oil is unmatched in its ability to complement a countless variety of dishes, snacks, and recipes.  Seven Spice Chili Oil’s unique spicy and flavourful garlic chili...
Turning Point - Blend - 340g /2lbs
House blend from Rosso; Coffee Roasters; Turning Point (old Tipping Point) is working perfectly with espresso and filter brew methods. Tasting Notes:  Dark Chocolate, Mixed Nuts, Smooth Recommended Brew Preparation: Espresso and Filter Size: 340gr / 2lbs    
from $15.99
Hot Sauce - Discovery Box - 5x250ml
We created this box to support local businesses in Calgary. This box includes: x1 Crystal's Can Co - Smoky Mama Hot Sauce - 250 ml x1 Crystal's Can Co - Mellow Mama Hot Sauce - 250 ml x1 Crystal's Can Co - Hot Mama Hot Sauce -...
Cashew Cheese - Garlic & Herb - 130g
Garlic & Herb Macadamia Cashew Cheese A macadamia-based vegan cheese with aromatic garden herbs and zesty garlic. It has a lovely savoury flavor that is loved by all!  Ingredients: Raw organic cashews*, raw organic macadamia nuts*, garlic, dill, chives, rosemary, sea...
The Ghost - Primo Espresso Blend
The Ghost roasted by Chris at Devil's Head Coffee is a medium perfect for any brew method.  Tasting Notes: hazelnut, sweet chocolate, and apricot Cooperative: Multiple Farms from America and Africa Process: Washed Recommended Brew Preparation: Espresso works amazing with milk.
Guatemala - Light/Medium Roast
Roasted by Devil's Head Coffee in the SE of Calgary. This single-origin from Guatemala is designed by Devil's Head coffee for Filter brew methods and milk-based espresso; Devil's Head Coffee is a small coffee roaster located in the SE of Calgary  Size: 1lb or 2lbs bag...
from $19.95
Craft Soda - Discovery Box - 8x355ml
Annes Soda - Mix Box: Small Discovery Box: x2 - Annex Soda - Ginger Beer (355ml)x2 - Annex Soda - Root Beer (355ml) x2 - Annex Soda - Saskatoon Lemonade (355ml)x2 - Annex Soda - Craft Cola (355ml) Medium Discovery Box: x4 - Annex Soda - Ginger...
from $24.40
Basecamp - Blend - 340g / 2lbs
House blend from Rosso; Basecamp is the most developed roast profile (aka Medium Dark Roast). Classic coffee flavours with a full body and rich sweetness. Expect notes of dark chocolate and sticky molasses with a clean finish.This coffee balances beautifully with...
from $15.99
Alberta Jam - Blend
Roasted by Devil's Head Coffee in the SE of Calgary. This blend is designed by Devil's Head coffee for Filter brew methods. Tasting Notes:  Chocolate covered berries, ultra-smooth, juicy and rich Cooperative: Multiple Varieties: Various Altitude: 1600m Process: Fully Washed  Recommended Brew Preparation: Drip, French Press and milk-based espresso...
Almonds Cheese - Ricotta Clouds - 210g
Ricotta Clouds Almonds Cheese A light + fluffy marriage of almonds and tofu (you'd never guess, I know)! This dairy free ricotta is perfect for well, anything you'd put ricotta on/in. Lasagne, toasts, baked ziti, and even desserts. This new...
Pre Mix - Cinnamon Bun - Gluten Free & Vegan
Mountain Rhino Cinnamon Bun Pre-Mix Can be made Gluten Free or GF Vegan Ingredients:  Size: 635g  
Salami - Tartufo - 165g
Tartufo Black Truffles Salami is made using authentic Italian methods. All proteins are sourced from local free-range farms in Alberta. All Salamis are made entirely by hand in small batches. Ingredients:Pork, Salt, Water, Tartufata, dextrose, spices, sugar, culture, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate. Contains:...
Craft Soda - Saskatoon Lemonade - 4x355ml
SASKATOON LEMONADE Annex Soda saskatoon lemonade is the kind of small-batch lemonade that you’d find at the neighborhood stand – if you lived on the Saskatoon Farm. This saskatoon Lemonade is: GLUTEN-FREE  VEGAN CRAFT PRODUCED  NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS OR COLOURS Ingredients: Filtered water, Lemon Juice,...
from $12.00
Craft Soda - Ginger Beer - 4x355ml
GINGER BEER  Annex Soda ginger beer is not your watered-down, weak ginger ale, this Ginger Beer packs a spicy punch on its own – and also pairs very well with hard alcohol if you’re so inclined.Awards: Gold Winner 2019 Alberta Beer Awards 2019 Alberta...
from $12.00
Cashew Cheese - Melting Mozzarella - 170g
Melting Mozzarella Cashew Cheese Perfect on your vegan pizza, quesadillas, sandwiches, or enjoy fresh in a caprese style salad. Ingredients: cashews, coconut oil, psyllium husk, kappa carrageenan, tapioca starch, and sea salt. Weight: 170g Keep refrigeration for up to 30 days! Dairy-free - Vegan -...
Pre Mix -Waffle Batter - Gluten Free Vegan
Mountain Rhino - Waffle Batter Mix: Can be made Gluten Free or GF Vegan Ingredients:  Size: 540g  
Salami - Fennel - 180g
Fennel Salami is hand made here in Calgary  they exclusively use natural pasture-raised pork from Bear and the Flower Farm located in Alberta. All Salamis are made in small batches. Ingredients:Pork, Salt, White Wine, Water, Fennel Seed, Garlic Powder, Sugars (Sugar, Dextrose), Black Pepper,...
The Standard - Espresso - 340g / 2lbs
The standard is a single-origin, sourced direct from individual farms and co-ops, and follows the same rigorous quality standards Phil & Sebastian roast all "The Standard" coffees for a consistent flavor profile. the selection is made for sweet coffees that are approachable, chocolatey,...
from $19.00
Jam Earl Grey - Lavender Peach - 225ml
Worthy Vanilla Rhubarb Jam Ingredients: Sugar, rhubarb, pectin, vanilla extract, coconut oil. Size: 225ml Details: Gluten-free, Vegan-friendly, GMO-Free shelf-stable jar. Refrigerate after opening. 
Cashew Cheese -Truffle Black Pepper - 130g
Truffle Black Pepper Cashew Cheese This quick fermented soft vegan cheese is delicately creamy and laced with white truffle oil, then coated in freshly cracked black peppercorns. Ingredients: Raw organic cashews*, nutritional yeast, truffle oil (olive oil, truffle oil), organic black...
Assorted Box - 4 x 60ml
Why choose? Get one of each flavour: 1x Cranberry Mustard (60 ml) 1x Horseradish  Mustard  (60 ml) 1x Dill  Mustard  (60 ml) 1x Roasted Garlic Mustard  (60 ml)
The Real Big Drip - Blend
Tasting Notes: Swiss chocolate, full-body, super smooth, and rich. Cooperative: Multiple Farms from America and Africa Process: Washed Recommended Brew Preparation: Drip Coffee, Filter Coffee, Chemex.
Bacon - Beef Brisket Bacon - 300g
Pioneer Butchery's Beef Brisket Bacon has all the crisp, delicious goodness of bacon with a rich beef flavour.  A must-try for beef lovers or anyone looking to add a little variety to their morning menu! Weight: 300gr  Sealed and Wrapped

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