Who is Rosso Coffee Roasters?

Rosso Coffee vision of uniqueness and quality is becoming a reality. They bring and roast some of the best coffee in Canada.  

The partnership between David, Jessie, and Cole helps to take them a step further in the quest of excellence with constant improvement in quality, service standards, barista training, and coffee's sourcing and roasting.

Cole is competing at the world stage in the Specialty Coffee Barista Competition. 

Near downtown Calgary, in Ramsay, you will find the coffee roasting location. it s always a nice place to visit.

Rosso Coffee firmly believes that coffees are individualistic, little storytellers that, when showcased properly are the ultimate reward. 

At the end of the day, it is about trying to facilitate a story of growth and passion. The story of Rosso's coffees, their producers and their partners.

Where to buy Rosso Coffee?


Developing relationship with a specific farm, cooperative or community project. The shaking hand symbolizes on the label, shows the respect and the mutual relationship Rosso has with the producers of the coffee. The number above the hands represents the number of years Rosso had visited their operations and collaborated on a sustainable future, pushing quality and maybe some experimentation. Every coffee with this icon ensures fair pricing has been paid for the coffee purchased. With coffee, just like other agricultural crops, producers will have up-years and down-years, with both quality and yields. Rosso believe it's important to support the producers through those ups and the downs, and ultimately purchase coffee and visit them each and every year. This is how Rosso believe we'll build the strongest foundation for our relationships.

Rosso Coffee Roasters has 7 locations in Calgary:

  • Rosso Ramsay: First Location and Roastery
  • Rosso Stephen Av.
  • Rosso Victoria Park
  • Rosso Inglewood: Flagship Cafe
  • Rosso National Music Centre
  • Rosso 17th Avenue
  • Rosso Tuxedo

We understand specialty coffee, you will receive your bags during the peak of freshness.