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Varia Coffee Brewer - All in One Coffee Brewer

Coffee Makers


    The Varia Brewer is the world's most versatile coffee brewer designed to produce the finest coffee whichever way you like it.

    Varia unique modularity offers a choice of stovetop espresso, french press, and pour-over coffee, along with three additional configurations that have you covered for cold brew and tea. 

    The Varia's innovation is a result of dedicated research and development into the design and functionality of traditional brewing methods, offering a modern and refined take on the ritual of coffee brewing at home and bringing the best out in each method.

    What's in the box

    • 1x Varia Brewer
    • 1x Set of high-grade seals
    • 1x Set of paper filters
    • 1x Brewing Guide
    • 1x User manual


    • Cool Touch Silicone Handle
    • Dual Wall Stainless Steel Server
    • Volumetric Dosing Base Cap
    • V60-02 Style Paper Filter Cone
    • Precision Photo Etched Filters for Moka Pot, French Press, and Tea Press
    • Multi-functional Boiler for Moka Pot, Kettle and Tea Press
    • Jug Volume: 500ml (Capacity to Rim)
    • Kettle Volume: 850ml (Capacity to Rim)
    • Diameter: 9cm
    • Jug Height: 15cm
    • Boiler Height: 8.5cm



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