GotoPopupYYC - Ratio Six - Ultimate Electric Coffee Maker -R6-SS
GotoPopupYYC - Ratio Six - Ultimate Electric Coffee Maker -R6-SS
GotoPopupYYC - Ratio Six - Ultimate Electric Coffee Maker -R6-SS
GotoPopupYYC - Ratio Six - Ultimate Electric Coffee Maker -R6-SS

SixUltimate Electric Coffee Maker

By Ratio

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 The Ratio Six’s Bloom, Brew, and Ready phases run in sequence, delivering a perfect (and easy) cup of coffee every time. Simplify your coffee routine to the touch of a button.

The Ratio Six simulates a skilled barista pour over process, precisely metering water flow through both the bloom and brew phases. All of the taste. None of the work.

The Ratio Six is perfect for home, office and business

Automatically manages key brewing variables such as:

  • The Ratio Six coffee maker is built with thick stainless steel with a satin stainless
  • BPA-free copolymer water tank with water markings from 2 to 8 cups, with accuracy to within 1 ounce.
  • The tank holds 44 ounces / 1.3 litres of water at the full mark, with roughly 10% of that volume absorbed into the coffee grounds. 44 ounces poured into the water tank should yield about 40 ounces of brewed coffee
  • The optional heat shield completely surrounds the shower head during brewing, increasing the extraction of your coffee and producing a very hot cup of coffee, all while keeping within the industry-accepted standards for coffee brewing. The coffee is typically just shy of 200 degrees F at the end of the brew cycle. For those that prefer their coffee really hot, or add lots of milk or cream, the heat shield is a great brewing accessory
  • Carafe holds flat bottom basket paper filters such as Melitta
  • Brews up to 1200ml (40 oz or eight, 5oz cups)
  • 5-year warranty
  • Designed in Portland, Oregon


  • Ratio Six Coffee Maker
  • Ratio Six Thermal Carafe + Filter Basket
  • Lid for Filter Basket with Heat Shield
  • Catcher for Filter Basket
  • Ratio Microfiber Towel
  • Basket Paper Filters - 4 sample filters
  • Operation guide
  • Removable power cord

Please note: 120V Ratio Six will not operate in countries with different voltage requirements than the Canada/U.S.

    5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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