Assorted Box - 4 x 60ml
Why choose? Get one of each flavour: 1x Cranberry Mustard (60 ml) 1x Horseradish  Mustard  (60 ml) 1x Dill  Mustard  (60 ml) 1x Roasted Garlic Mustard  (60 ml)
Salami - Mixed Box - 3 x 165g
Mixed Salami Box contained all 3 of VDG Salumi best sellers. Finochionna -  Fennel Salami Sopressata - Spicy Calabrian Salami Stroghino- Prosciutto Salami   All Salamis are made using authentic Italian methods. All proteins are sourced from local free-range farms in Alberta....
Sugar-Free - Mixed Dark & M*lk Chocolate PSB Cups
The same allergy-friendly cup, now in sugar-free Dark and M*lk Chocolate!   Options 1: 3 packs (2 cups/pack): Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups 3 packs (2 cups/pack):  M*lk Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups Options 2: 6 packs (2 cups/pack): Dark Chocolate...
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