ShawZ Chocolate

ShawZ Chocolate is the world's premier supplier of oat milk chocolate. Dairy-free, allergy-friendly, smooth, creamy chocolate; every bar meticulously handcrafted by Owner / Operator Ian Shaw using fair trade, organic and non-GMO ingredients. Ian has been studying and working in the chocolate industry for 15 years. Says Ian: "I'm passionate about simple flavours and natural ingredients. All of my products are crafted with health consciousness in mind and contain 50% to 75% less sugar than commercial brands."

ShawZ Chocolate tends to appeal to consumers in the health-conscious, gourmet, dairy-free, and vegan segments, and to consumers who prefer low sweetness treats. However, Ian stresses that "I make GREAT chocolate for EVERYBODY. I urge you to give it a chance, you just might fall in love with it."

ShawZ chocolate is: 

  • 100% dairy-free / plant-based / vegan / gluten-free / allergy-friendly
  • All-natural (mostly organic ingredients); no GMOs
  • Low sweetness (50 - 75% less sugar than leading brands)
  • Transparent: all ingredients disclosed on website and packaging