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Phil and Sebastian's coffees are roasted to be brewed using a non-pressurized brewing method, like Aeropress, drip, French press, or Chemex. Phil and Sebastian roasts some of the best specialty coffee in Canada

Phil and Sebastian's selection of coffees has been curated and built on long-lasting relationships with producers around the globe. Phil and Sebastian offers coffees always in-season and sustainably sourced. Based on a long term relationship with farmers, favorite coffees return year-after-year and with new and exciting additions. You can select coffees through a country of origin or explore flavor profiles to find the best tasting coffee for you.

Phil and Sebastian are carefully sourcing and sustainably compensated their coffees to ensure the producers are able to achieve the quality that Phil and Sebastian are requiring; finding a good coffee tuning it into one that is truly extraordinary, through every stage from the farm to the roasting.

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