Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roaster

Phil and Sebastian Coffee have perfected the coffee offered to Calgarians, some of the best coffee in Canada. Phil & Sebastian update their specialty coffee selection weekly for the customers' enjoyment.   

It is not so much a business as it is the "single-minded pursuit of a better cup of coffee". A passion for improvement; coffee can and should be better than the one you have today. Their hope is to offer a cup today to be better than the one served yesterday.

In the world of Specialty Coffee in Calgary, Phil and Sebastian Coffee are definitely in the top three. The passion and obsession for a better cup are clearly reflected in the coffee they offer.  While common in specialty coffee to directly trade, few are taking the extra steps like they are. 

Coffee is more complex than wine; Phil and Sebastian treated it as such as a science and an art.

100% of the coffee is Direct Trade.

it will always be all about a better cup of coffee:

  • Sourcing better coffee beans.
  • Working with coffee farmers and cooperatives in Africa and Central America.
  • Controlling the shipping and storage of the green beans.
  • Roasting and Cupping.

The quest for a better cup, we also embrace it and you can experience it at home.

We understand specialty coffee, and freshness, you will receive your bags with 10 days of roasting date.

You are in Calgary, stop by one of their locations:

  • Simmons HQ: For people curious about a specialty coffee operation you can witness roasting, packaging, and cupping! 
  • Marda Loop
  • Chinook center
  • Mission
  • Calgary Place
  • Stephen Avenue