Minced Black Truffle - 80gr
Made from the highest quality European Black Truffles (Tuber aestivum), expertly preserved in extra virgin olive oil. What is Minced Black Truffle?We mince & preserve our fresh truffles at the peak of the season, when they are at their most...
Cod - Wild Caught - 1lb
Usually reserved to Restaurant: Flash Frozen Cod from Fogo Island Newfoundland The fishers only go out 5 miles from the coast in small day boats, where they catch 500-600 lbs of fresh fish per day, in sight of home. The...
Smoked - Duck Breast - 170g
Brined for 24 hours and then gently smoked, creating a rich flavour that highlights the duck’s natural goodness. Perfect for a charcuterie platter or your dinner menu. Weight : 170gr  Sealed and Wrapped
Scallops Large U10 - Wild Caught - East Coast - 4pc
Flash Frozen Large U10 Scallops These sweet, juicy scallops make for an easy yet elegant meal at home. Cook them up to add to a seafood pasta or wrap them in bacon for a delicious appetizer. Quantity: 4 Pcs
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