Assorted Box - 4 x 60ml
Why choose? Get one of each flavour: 1x Cranberry Mustard (60 ml) 1x Horseradish  Mustard  (60 ml) 1x Dill  Mustard  (60 ml) 1x Roasted Garlic Mustard  (60 ml)
Mustard - Horseradish - 250ml
Another plant in the brassica family adds a unique tingle to our whole-grain mustard. Spices suffuse the tongue, then horseradish elevates the sensation high in the palate. Keto INGREDIENTS Mustard seed, white wine vinegar, horseradish, salt
Mustard - Whole Grain - 500ml
Our traditional whole-grain mustard delivers versatile pop – in flavor and texture — for any dish. Yellow and brown seeds meld with wine vinegar to leave you licking your lips. Gluten-free • Keto Ingredients: Mustard seed, white wine vinegar, salt, whole...
Mustard - Roasted Garlic - 250ml
Roasted garlic adds a satisfying richness to everything it meets — including our whole-grain mustard. We make ours with savory malt vinegar, for the heartiest flavor profile in our lineup. INGREDIENTS Mustard seed, malt vinegar*, salt, honey, roasted garlic *Malt vinegar...
Mustard - Dill - 250ml
Dill adds the warm green taste of summer to this whole-grain mustard. Wine vinegar provides tang while and a touch of honey accentuates dill’s subtle sweetness. Gluten-free INGREDIENTS Mustard seed, white wine vinegar, salt, honey, whole spices and dried herbs
Mustard - Cranberry - 250ml
Add a hint of this holiday-favorite berry to sandwiches and meats all year round. Whole mustard seeds in apple cider vinegar are tempered with a touch of honey for a joyful blend of heat, sweet, and tart. Gluten-free INGREDIENTS Mustard...
Mustard - Black Pepper - 250ml
Two classic heats go head-to-head in this melding of whole-grain mustard with black pepper, prepared with wine vinegar. Skip the pepper grinder — just reach for this jar! Gluten-free INGREDIENTS Mustard seed, white wine vinegar, salt, honey, freshly ground black...
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