Hickory Smoked Honey Strawberry - 500 ml
Wow. Honey and Strawberries are made into mead. Converted to vinegar using the magic of birch bark. Put into a smoker with real hickory wood ( no liquid smoke). Great in a salad or a chili or a stir fry...
Honey Lime Vinegar - 500 ml
Fresh lime is aged with honey vinegar to give a great taste. Designed for ceviche. Great in a salad dressing but certainly very versatile. Add an ounce to a gin and tonic. Add some fresh shrimp and turn into an...
Apple Cider Vinegar - 500 ml
This is real Alberta and BC apples made into Apple Cider made into vinegar.Alberta crab apples with Granny Smith and Delicious apples.Unfiltered, Unpasteurized with Mother. Raw. Birch Bark Powered. No Preservatives. Small Batch. Shelf life: up to 5 years Size: 500ml  
Honey Blackened Garlic Vinegar - 500 ml
Runner-up in the Made in Alberta Contest! Fresh Alberta Garlic blackened in sous-vide for 2 months. Added to honey mead and converted to vinegar using the power of Birch Bark.It is incredible how deep the flavour is of the Honey...
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