Calgary Heritage Roasting Company

Calgary Heritage Roasting Company is built by the wilderness that drives them.

Calgary Heritage Roasting Co. coffee is bold, Authentic and Rustic. If you like Dark Roast, Chocolate or Italian Coffee, definitively Calgary Heritage Roasting Coffee is for you. We also like that it is more forgetting during the brew than most of the Specialty coffee in Calgary. Calgary Heritage Roasting Company founds its inspiration over a percolated cup of coffee on a backpacking trip one morning in the rolling hills of Alberta, Canada. Their methods and values were forged from their experiences as wildland firefighters. 

Through experimentation and time, they learned more about the art of coffee roasting.CHRC is the home-grown, outback, rugged, mountain-fresh, clear skies sort of thing that Alberta is all about. Since June 2019, Calgary Heritage Roasting Company opened its first location at 2020 11St SE in Ramsay where you can enjoy a nice bold expresso and if you are lucky you will also see them roasting.

Fact: CHRC’s roaster is on full display behind glass walls on the cafe floor and you can even buy green coffee beans to roast at home.