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Dwarf Stars - Sugar-Free - Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups

Dwarf Stars
Butter Cup
Size :

The same allergy-friendly cup, now in sugar-free Dark Chocolate!

Dwarf Stars are taking the all-natural Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups to the next level. The same allergy-friendly cup, is now SUGAR-FREE!

These cups are sweetened with the best sugar alcohol, Erythritol. And if you're on the Ketogenic Diet, these will be the best dang treat you will give yourself!

After testing other sweeteners like Stevia and Monk Fruit, Dwarf Stars felt in love with Erythritol. It has only 6% of the calories found in sugar and doesn't cause a bloating and digestive upset like other sugar alcohols. Most Erythritol gets directly absorbed into the bloodstream before it even reaches the colon. This means fewer calories, fewer carbs, and a happy tummy! 

Dwarf Stars Sugar-Free Cups are a great treat option if you are on a Keto or Paleo diet, diabetic, or are looking to reduce your added sugar intake.

Besides their delicious taste, they are a treat to feel good about.

organic pumpkin seed butter, cacao beans, cocoa butter, erythritol, oligosaccharides, Himalayan sea salt, vanilla extract, imitation butter extract, rosemary extract

No added preservatives, emulsifiers, or chemicals 

Weight: 42g


Gluten-free - Dairy-free - Vegan - Nut-free - Tree-nut free - Soy-free - High in Fibre - Keto Diet - Paleo Diet

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